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“Why is it in THAT Museum? 
Repatriation in the Classroom"

Fiftieth Annual

Midwest Art History Society

(MAHS) Conference

Chicago, IL

(April 2024)

Conference hosted by the Art Institute of Chicago and the School of the Art Institute.

My paper addresses when, why, and how to introduce art history survey students into the discourses of colonization, repatriation, and white supremacy. I have developed engaging lecture materials and carefully crafted activities that acknowledge the biases of the “canon” and how previous standards are or should be revised. My presentation encourages instructors to contextualized art history with museum ethics, international diplomacy, geography, race, religion, and economics. 


"Linear Perspective in Art"

Lobo School of Innovation at Quimby Oak Middle School

San José, CA

(Nov 2023)

In accordance with LSI’s project-based learning program, my presentation is an introduction to the development of linear perspective during the Renaissance and the dynamic application of one-, two-, and three- point perspective in art.  Using artworks from the past and present, including painting, 3D animation, and film – my lecture illuminates how spatial relationships are defined by line, depth, height; and how these relationships can be manipulated with creative, expressive, and emotive results. 


“Equitable Grading in
Art History"

Equitable Grading Open Lab 

College of San Mateo

San Mateo, CA

(August 2023)

Presentation and brainstorming session for CSM faculty to gain input and support from peers across divisions. My talk “Equitable Grading in Art History” walks through my approach to the pedagogy of art history and prioritization of the course material based on SLOs and skills rather than traditional(and perhaps even detrimental) methods of assessment. Attendees are expected to leave session with at least one concrete idea to revise an assignment, assessment, or aspects of course grading policy.

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