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Art Historian

Assistant Professor of Art History

College of San Mateo, CA


Cheyanne Cortez is the assistant professor of art history at College of San Mateo. She has lectured extensively in the US and abroad at academic events, conferences, and symposia and published with Routledge Press.


Cortez has a passion in creating rich classroom experiences and dynamic lectures, both in-persona and online. Her proficiency in constructing clear pathways to learning art history has led her to contribute to education tools used for post-secondary education, served as a content creator and consultant Oxford University Press and Cengage Learning. Additionally, she has been a guest speaker about art and visual culture to students in both primary (Grades K-5) and secondary (Grades 6-8) education.


Cortez’s scholarship centers around 19th and 20th Century European and American Art and Design with emphasis on the effects of industrialization and consumerism in the development of cultural aesthetics and female identities in the United States specifically in the creation and promotion of the American Girl identity in the Ladies' Home Journal.

Beyond her research specialization, Cortez is passionate about de-Westernization and decolonization in the study of art history and addressing institutional inequity in the classroom. Her multifaceted approaches to the history of art encourage her students to learn and practice visual critical thinking skills both in and outside the classroom.  #arthistoryiseverywhere


Art history is everywhere.
Get used to it.

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