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Cheyanne Cortez is an art history instructor in the California Bay Area. She specializes in 19th and 20th Century European and American Art and Design. Her research centers around the effects of industrialization and consumerism in the development of cultural aesthetics and female identities in the United States with an emphasis on the creation and promotion of the American Girl identity in the Ladies' Home Journal.

Cortez has contributed to numerous publications nationally and internationally.  In September 2019, she presented “The Girl Who Goes to College: Gender and Education in the Ladies’ Home Journal” at the Tenth International Conference on The Image, hosted by the Manchester School of Art and Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Her essay, "The American Girl: Ideas of Nationalism and Sexuality as Promoted in the Ladies’ Home Journal during the early 20th Century," appears as a chapter in the book Women in Magazines: Research, Representation, Production and Consumption (Routledge 2016).


Similarly, her expertise in creating rich classroom experiences and constructing clear pathways to learning about art history has led Cortez to contribute to learning tools used for undergraduate education. Most notably, Cortez develops, edits, and consults on textbook material for Cengage’s Art History and Art Appreciation publications and online materials. And she was a Test Class instructor for the Oxford University Press' Art Matters by Pamela Gordon.


Cortez has lectured extensively in the US and abroad at academic events, conferences, and symposia including The Image Conference (2019), the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association and the Advancing Latinx Achievement & Success (ALAS); the Women in Magazines: Research, Representation, Production and Consumption Conference (2012); and several times for the Department of Art History at San Jose State University, where she was recently celebrated as a guest of honor.


Art history is everywhere. Get used to it.


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